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Hello, my name is Amelia. Welcome to my site about nursing homes and assisted living facilities. When my mother developed a hip problem that prevented her from safely living at home alone, we started the long search for a suitable place for her to live. We toured each of the facilities in our area to find the one that felt most like home while providing all of the support and security she requires. Through this site, I would like to help other people weed through the options to find the best possible place for their loved ones to live. Thanks for visiting my site.


Exploring Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Look For These Personality Changes That Can Indicate An Elderly Parent's Early Struggles With Dementia

John Wilson

When you have an elderly parent who has been diagnosed with dementia, your first priority will be to ensure that he or she receives the right care. This could begin with a home aide worker, or you could go straight to finding your parent a room at a home that specializes in memory care. Before you reach this point, however, you'll need to catch the warning signs that your parent may be in the early stages of dementia. People commonly associate memory issues with dementia, but you may also notice that your parent is going through a variety of personality changes associated with this health condition. Here are some examples.


Some dementia sufferers will increasingly get agitated. This is something that will be obvious when you know your parent well, and it will be especially clear if your parent has always had a relaxed, laid-back approach to life. You may notice that your parent gets worked up about things that aren't really a major issue. For example, your parent could be irritated because a vehicle is parked on the road near his or her house, or because you dropped over for a visit without calling in advance to make a plan. Upon noticing these changes, you'll want to get your parent to a health specialist who can test for dementia.


Another personality change to notice is the degree of appropriateness with which your parent lives. When some people develop dementia, their personality changes from polite and respectful to become a little ruder. For example, if you've never heard your parent use curse words at any point in your life, but he or she is know swearing a considerable amount, this may be an early warning sign of dementia. Similarly, your elderly parent may talk at inappropriate times or divulge personal details that aren't proper to share.


You should also note the degree to which your elderly parent becomes argumentative. If he or she has been this way throughout life, starting arguments over small matters in old age may not be an indicator of dementia. However, if your parent was always accommodating and never went out of his or her way to start arguments or drag them on well past the point of necessity, a sudden argumentative streak could be an early warning sign of dementia. If you're concerned about these or other symptoms, contact a local memory care professional right away.