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Exploring Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

You May Encounter These Situations Upon Visiting Your Parent With Dementia

John Wilson

In the early stages of your parent having dementia, he or she may show little signs of this health issue beyond perhaps being a little forgetful. However, as the dementia progresses, you can often expect to see a number of changes in your loved one. These can be difficult to accept, as your parent will seem to grow into someone you no longer recognize. If you've moved your parent into a dementia care facility, at least you'll know that he or she is receiving the needed care. When you visit, here are some situations that you may expect to encounter.

Difficulty Remembering You

One of the toughest situations that you may encounter upon visiting an elderly parent who has dementia is that he or she may not remember or recognize you. After all your years of having a close relationship, this situation may absolutely break your heart. Your parent may not know your name and may not recall the names of your children. However, there may be visits that your parent knows exactly who you and your family are, even if he or she didn't recognize you last time.

Aggressive Behavior

Some people batting dementia will act in an aggressive manner that may be concerning. Medical professionals at the care center will endeavor to keep this aggression under control through medication, so you should always report any instances of aggression to a staff member. Your parent may talk or act in an aggressive fashion, which may especially be a concern if he or she was gentle throughout the bulk of his or her life. You may want to assess your parent's nature before you visit with your young children. For example, if the parent is behaving in a manner that makes you feel threatened to a degree, it may be a better idea to leave your kids at home when you visit the care facility.

Dramatic Personality Changes

One of the challenging elements of having a loved one with dementia is that he or she may go through dramatic personality changes that are shocking to family members. For example, a parent who was outgoing throughout life may now by shy and sullen, while an introvert who was quiet and respectful may now act in a loud and inappropriate manner. These changes can be difficult to accept, but it's important to understand that your parent may go through such changes as he or she battles dementia.

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