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Exploring Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Home Care Services For Diabetic Seniors

John Wilson

If your senior family member struggles to maintain control over their blood sugar levels because of diabetes or if they experience diabetes-related vision loss or foot ulcers, then they may need home care services. Here are some ways a home care provider can help enhance your diabetic loved one's health and quality of life.

Glucose And Medication Monitoring

Monitoring blood glucose levels is one of the most important aspects of diabetes management. The home care services provider can monitor your loved one's glucose level throughout the day as recommended by the individual's primary care doctor. The caregiver will also make sure that your family member takes their diabetes and other medications. Maintaining good control over blood sugar levels and making sure that the individual is compliant with their diabetes medication may help prevent spikes in blood sugar levels known as hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia.

Good control over blood glucose levels also helps promote the healing of diabetic stasis ulcers and may help prevent further skin ulcers from developing in the future. To further ensure that your loved one's blood glucose levels remain within normal limits, the caregiver can prepare diabetic-friendly meals and snacks, encourage the individual to exercise, and take them to their scheduled medical appointments. 

Diabetic Ulcer Care

Long-standing or poorly managed diabetes can impair circulation, which can heighten the risk of developing diabetic skin ulcers of the legs and feet. Effective wound care helps the ulcers heal; however, if your loved one is unable to perform their own wound care, complications may arise. These may include infections, increased pain, mobility problems, and permanent muscle and bone damage if the wound becomes deep.

The home care provider can take care of the individual's wounds per the physician's instructions and monitor the ulcers for signs of infection. If the wounds become infected, the caregiver will let you know and notify the physician so that antibiotics and other skin care treatments can be prescribed.

If your senior loved one has diabetes and needs help to manage their condition, consider the above benefits a home care services provider can offer. When your family member receives the in-home support they need, they may feel more optimistic about their future and you will have the peace of mind knowing that they are receiving high-quality care.

Reach out to a home care provider in your area if you are interested in learning more information about this topic.